david September 29th, 2015

So the time has come for us to say farewell to Jim on this physical plain of existence. But certainly he remains an important part of many, many people who had him as a teacher, friend. I know for me his life has been intertwined with mine from my senior year in high school to now. Seeing that production of SUKEROKU at UH when I was still in high school changed my life. When I entered UH being cast in NARUKAMI completed that change and I was from that point hooked on Asian theatre and in particular kabuki. All along the way Jim was there as a teacher, a director, the man who made it possible for so many of my friends and fellow kabuki enthusiasts to take part in so many productions and be introduced to so other many major teachers in our lives, including Matagoro-sensei, and Kikunobu-sensei. Jim and Reiko were famous for those fabulous cast parties at their tree house in Manoa, Must stop as the tears gather in my eyes. Jim, I owe so much to you. Your students continue your legacy, help us to live up to your achievements and passion for Asian theatre.