Maureen Momo November 21st, 2015

Dear Dear Mentor, You were one of the most inspiring, talented and supportive teachers and human beings I've known. This is the first Im getting the news. Aloha Dr. Brandon. I wish I could be there for your celebration next Sunday...will be there in spirit! You live on through my life dedicated to the Asian -- and particularly Japanese - Performing Arts. I am sure if it were not for your support and recommendation, I would not have remained confident to stay in this specialization, to receive the opportunity of a lifetime to study with a Mombusho Scholarship in Japan... Not to mention the way that Asian Performance class I was so lucky to attend with you and Julie in the early 2000s, still informs my teaching and performances to this day. Just feeling the relaxation of your kind demeanor -- knowing all the while how incredibly brilliant, hard-working and endlessly dedicated you were to honor, achievement and advancement of the field -- was a major education in balance itself! Thank you so much for your gifts, presence and lessons - you are indeed much loved...and missed! <3